Chyuysky tract


The Chyuysky tract is a federal road (M-52) going from Novosibirsk to the border with Mongolia. It has a length of 953 km and crosses 3 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation: the Novosibirsk region, the Altai Territory and the Altai republic. The road, called Mungalsky tract before, was mentioned already in the ancient Chinese annals. The Russian written evidence about the Chyuysky tract dates back to the end of the eighteenth century. Construction of the present road started in the beginning of the nineteenth century and lasted more than one hundred years. Today the Chyuysky tract is a picturesque and quite safe asphalt motorway. While travelling here, you can admire the beautiful river Katun, the Seminsky pass, the Chike-Taman pass, and also see the confluence of the Katun with another legendary Altai river – Chyuya.
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