Mountain pass


If you are not a newcomer in the mountains, then you must know how to act on the pass. However if you are in the mountains for the first time in your life, then you may be interested in some customs connected with travelling through the pass. The pass is always an important event for a traveller or a tourist not depending on the way of travelling: on foot or on horseback. According to the local people’s beliefs some spirits live on passes and it’s very important not to infuriate them to complete your journey successfully. Simple actions can be done to appease a spirit: a traveller must get off a horse near a pile of stones which marks the pass, give a bow and leave a tribute (a piece of bread, a biscuit or a sweet). In places which are believed to be saint by local inhabitants there are often special trees which are filleted with lots of ribbons. They are left by people for getting happiness and having a special connection with this place. A ribbon can be prepared in advance or cut off the clothes.
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