Mogilnaya gora (Tomb Mount)


The highest peak on the park territory is about 2300 m above sea level. Surrounded by the high mountain tundra, the snow coverage of this mountain remains during the whole summer. You can get here on horseback by uprising from the Aylagush river-valley and riding a certain distance through the high mountain. The mountain itself is very beautiful but why then is it called like that? There exist some legends about it. One of them says that many years ago the Chinese soldiers attacked the local inhabitants, captured them and shepherd them to thrall. While they were passing through this mountain the heavy hail began and killed everybody – the captives and their enemies. After some time the shepherds found the place of their last halt and suddenly heard a child crying. To save a small boy from the hail his mother had told him to get under a trivet where he spent several days. That boy was the only one to stay alive and the shepherds took him with them. This is just one of the legends told to travellers by guides. Perhaps you will be lucky to find out more…
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