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The Shavlinsky Lakes


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This trail includes the active part on horseback and a halting day on the bank of the Shavlinsky Lake. It is both for the tourists well experienced in horse riding and for beginners. The trail passes through the high mountain part of the Central Altai on the northern slopes of the North-Chyuysky ridge. The average height of the trail is 2500 m above sea level. The landscapes have the pronounced Alpine look – pinnacled peaks, covered with permanent snow and glaciers, steep and scarp slopes, deep ravines with rapid rivers.

  • Duration 10 days. On horseback – 7 days.
  • Length: car – 1100 km, on horseback – 130 km.
  • Duration of each trek: 5-8 hours.
  • Height: up to 2200-2500 m above sea level.
  • Number of participants: minimum – 5, maximum – 15 persons.
  • The group is guided by 1-2 instructors, 1-2 grooms.
Days Schedule Transport Km
1 Barnaul – Bely Bom village – the camp – the area Sargoldik. On our way you will find out about the history of the Mountain Altai and the traditions of the native people. The road to the camp passes through the picturesque places: mountain passes, boms (offshoots of a mountain range crossing a river valley), large steppes and valleys, ancient tombs, burial mounds and barrows. The acquaintance party. Car 550
2 The area Sargoldik – the mountain pass Tyan-Khan – the Lake Kara-Kyol. Instruction. The first trek. In good weather from the top of the mountain pass Tyan-Khan you can see Mount Belukha (4506 m), the highest peak of Siberia. Horses 18
3 The Lake Kara-Kyol – the area Bakhsyrga – the area Yeshtykel – the river Shabaga – Strelka (a site of the confluence of the Shavla and Shaboga rivers). The name of the area Yeshtykel means ‘star-studded subcelestial lake’. It is a flat dish-shaped valley with lots of small lakes. Horses 20
4 Strelka – the Shavlinsky Lake. A fine view can be seen from this place – three mountain peaks – Mechta (in Russian means ‘a dream’), Krasavitsa (in Russian means ‘a beauty’) and Skazka (in Russian means ‘a fairy tale’), the highest of them is 3764 m high. The clear windless weather allows to see all of them in their full size in a big mirror of the lake and this is really stunning! Horses 10
5 The halting day (walking-12 km). Radial coming up to the Middle and Upper Shavlinsky lakes. From their shores you can see the glaciers of the Shavlinsky horseshoe. Here you have a good chance to go fishing and catch the grayling. If you like, you can visit banya (a kind of Russian steam bath) for extra payment. Walk 12
6 The Shavlinsky lake – the Shavla river. The day will be unforgettable! We will wade the Shavla river on horseback. And after that we’ll travel through the dense forest of taiga. Horses 24
7 The Shavla river – the river valley Tongul. From the camping site Kedrovaya (Cedar camping) in the valley of the Mount Tongul (2618 m high) you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole valley, full of unknown secrets! Horses 10
8 The river valley Tongul – the area Sargoldik. During the trek you will enjoy the views of the glaciers of the North Chyuysky ridge. Horses 20
9 The area Sargoldik – the camp ‘U Yegorycha’. There is an opportunity to visit the pethroglyphic complex ‘Kalbak-Tash’. Horses 17
10 The camp – Barnaul. Car 550

The schedule can be slightly changed.

The travel package includes:

  • Transportation from Barnaul (Novosibirsk) to the camp and back.
  • Three meals daily.
  • The instructor’s and guide’s service.
  • The equipment hire service.
  • Recreational fees.
  • Medical insurance.

Cost: 22000 rubles.
At your pleasure you can change your route.
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