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Aylagush – Saldjar – Kadrin
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This is a route for someone who has always dreamt of visiting the most deserted and isolated sites of the Altai taiga on horseback. The combination of romance and adventures of the journey with the ancient history and wildlife of the Mountain Altai will bring you ultimate experience. The trail goes through the picturesque sites of the Central Altai, the Ridges Aygulak and Saldjar, which separate the Kadrin, Aylagush, Inya, Aygulak and Chyuya Rivers. After travelling throughout these solitary and really wild places you will surely discover new, unknown sides of such well-known Altai. The route goes through the territory of the specially protected area of the natural park Kadrin. The average height of the trail is 2000 m above sea level. The lowest point is 972 m, the highest is 2500 m.
The trail passes through all natural and climatic zones of the Mountain Altai from steppes and taiga to Alpine meadows and mountain tundra. You will be surely impressed and inspired by the spectacular views of the mountain landscapes with waterfalls and high mountain lakes. During the trip you are very likely to spot some representatives of the rich fauna of the area. And also you will learn about the culture, folklore, national cuisine, history and modern lifestyle of the Altai people.

  • Duration 13 days/12 nights
  • Dates: 15.07-15.09
  • Number of participants: minimum 6 persons
  • Length: 1100 km by bus
  • Active part: 188 km
Day Schedule Transport km
1 Meeting in Barnaul (Novosibirsk), moving to the camp ‘U Yegorycha’. The camp is designed according to the Altai traditions, local cuisine, banya (Russian sauna, a kind of a steam bath). On our way you will find out about the history of the Mountain Altai and the traditions of the native people. The road to the camp passes through the picturesque places: mountain passes, boms (offshoots of a mountain range crossing a river valley), large steppes and valleys, ancient tombs, burial mounds and barrows. The acquaintance party. Car 550
2 Meeting horses, going to the start of the active part of the trail. Bely Bom village – the area Kara-Airy. Horses 18
3 The area Kara-Airy– the area Chelintash. Horses 20
4 The area Chelintash – the area Turart. Horses 20
5 The halting day in the area Turart. - -
6 The area Turart – the Kogonyok river. Horses 22
7 The Kogonyok river - the Tuzak river. Horses 24
8 The Tuzak river - the Kadrin river. Horses 18
9 The Kadrin river – the area Berlyu. Horses 26
10 The area Berlyu – the area Sarmay. Horses 24
11 The area Sarmay - Bely Bom village (the camp ‘U Yegorycha’). There is an opportunity to visit the pethroglyphic complex ‘Kalbak-Tash’. Banya, the closing dinner. Horses 20
12 Leaving the camp ‘U Yegorycha’ for Barnaul (Novosibirsk). The hotel. Car 550
13 Barnaul airport (Novosibirsk airport). - -

The schedule can be slightly changed.

The travel package includes:

  • Transportation from Barnaul (Novosibirsk) to the camp and back.
  • Three meals daily.
  • The instructor’s and guide’s service.
  • The equipment hire service.
  • Recreational fees.
  • Medical insurance.

Cost: 27000 rubles
At your pleasure you can change your route.
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